Monday, March 21, 2016

My attempt to get water

The other night I was working late to catch up on emails from the day and got up to get some water. I get to the sink to fill a bottle and see my husband’s lunch Tupperware piled up, along with my own….  I hadn’t had time to take care of them before our weekly budget meeting. Load all the stuff into the dishwasher, start dishwasher and prep coffee cups for tomorrow. Double check that there are enough lunches made for tomorrow (we both eat a few, thus the lunchES) Husband calls from bedroom “Hey babe, can you bring my water bottle from the fridge if you are coming in here?” I didn’t plan on going in there, but surely I can drop off his water bottle before going back to work. Grab his water bottle; realize my own Nalgene also needs filling. Fill it and pop it in the fridge, drop off hubby’s water and finally back at my desk ready for more email. 10 minutes later, I realize again, that I am dying of thirst and left the stupid water bottle in the kitchen. Seriously, getting a glass of water should not be this hard. 

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